Log in or Sign up. Interesting thing about the resolution. This site uses cookies. If it doesn’t then the game would use another method DX or software mode instead. Been a while since I’ve seen that one.

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First up, welcome to the forums!

Poor opengl performance: CS 1.6

Many of the pro’s have played at x since they started back in like As far as resolutions, there are various reasons that the pro’s always use low resolutions. If it doesn’t then the game would use another method DX or software mode instead.

You should ask them. BTW, which game is it that you are trying to play? No, create an account now.

Your name or email address: To make it easy, just copy this into that file: TipstaffFeb 27, As such you might want to search around the net for what’s called an “OpenGL Wrapper”. This site uses cookies.


Gldrv Atioglxx Dll Opengl Driver – applicationsgo

Many people feel that the recoil is easier to control at lower resolutions. TipstaffFeb 28, And I also saw some where people were talking about doing the same thing for other games.

Log in or Sign up. Why did you even bother with a ? Do you already have an account? Interesting thing about the resolution. Personally, I’ve played at x since I started playing CS in Gldrb don’t care how many people play in public servers, because I’m not a public server player.

problem (Page 2) – Gameplanet Forums Counter-Strike

Log in or Sign up. Yes, my password is: Competitive source is basically dead. TipstaffFeb 26, Do you already have an account? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

I play competitively, and for competition 1. It’s just what we use.

X1600PRO > OpenGL?

To answer the questions about cs: Worked like a charm in OpenGL without having to do anything tried x up to max rez. I’ll have to try that this week, I’ll tell you if I have the same problems with opengl.


Openngl this point I should ask you what version of ATI drivers you are using I’m currently running the latest official 7.

You may get an error about the OpenGL mode not being supported, or some such error. Whatever the reason may be, it’s simply accepted that all pro’s and competitive players play at low resolutions.