We seem to have to arrange with each other. All kinds of ancient hisax definitions are still left in these drivers. BIN, which is part of the isdn4k-utils. IRQ 11 count 5 HiSax: If you want to be sure, before plugging it in measure between pins 4 and 5 and between Pins 2 and 6 on the socket; there should be no current, but between 3 and 4 and between 6 and 5 should be 40 V, 6 and 3 positive. Internal cards may be active , semi-active , or passive.

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However some Endian format issues remain due to the bugs. The USB version is currently not supported, there is no driver available. The difference is easy to recognize: Obviously you can also not make use of binary drivers, unless you find a binary compiled for 64bit.

With a passive card, the computer in which the card is installed has to perform isrn functions. The Speedfax has a very special hardware: For discussion and announcements, you can subscribe to the list. Please contact the respective maintainers when problems arise. Please note that compression V42bis, MNP are not implemented in firmware, and therefore not supported when using the analog modem.


[Asterisk-Users] chan_misdn and Dynalink IS64PH ISDN

To use more cards, the ICN card may be your choice. However, some special software named PBX4Linux has been written for this. Due to a bug in dynalin pnp chip it is very important for the I-Surf 1. Not that it’s advisable to use Windows anyway, ie64ph just to let you know As for the Eumexthere is an unofficial binary driver for isdn4linux with Suse 6. IRQ 11 count 1 Winbond Yes, most cards should run with isdn4linux on a DEC Alpha.

I’m sorry that I noticed that too late. If you have a point-to-point configuration ‘Anlagenanschluss’ then you cannot connect your card directly to the S0 bus in parallel to the PBX otherwise nothing will work.

If this fails or for non-public discussion, contact the maintainer directly: Make sure to give the parameters iis64ph.

One of the most frequently asked questions for Teles cards: As no information is available for these boards, they are NOT supported! The time now is If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

Yes, in theory most cards should work. Your MSN is usually the extension at the end of your telefon number. As soon as some device activates the bus the other one can no longer get through. ISDN telephone on the internal bus and check what i4l writes into the log file.


However, make sure to compile the kernel and all modules with option SMP. As long as there are more people happy with my little project than complaints, I won’t change the name. Old versions up to 3.

FAQ for isdn4linux: hardware: Supported hardware, its specialities, and hardware-related problems

Many cards dynalibk been reported to work with the HiSax driver. On redhat that works good and I did not have much trouble to setup it because there is lot of documentation on the Internet about it. Yet, Teles has bragged on their web site that their cards run under Linux, without giving proper credit. Here, I’ve got some points from the TODO list which I definitely can’t do myself in the near future for different reasons.