How to convert my wireless keyboard Bluetooth dongle as universal bluetooth dongle? Post Reply Email Thread. Post as a guest Name. That’s why Bluetooth devices are more expensive than their non-bluetooth counterparts. Now you need to make sure the above will come up each time the MythTV system is rebooted. Sign up using Email and Password. But straight out-of-the-box the keyboard will not connect with the USB dongle automatically.

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WORKING: Logitech diNovo Mini 🙂

So, with the keyboard manually set to “Logitech diNovo” there is no “Logitech diNovo Mini” optionall the previously good keycodes are changed, and some of the keys do not generate a scan code at all. So you may or may not be able to use speakers with your specific dongle, depending on what profiles it supports.

So I have an old Logitech wireless keyboard which is still working perfectly fine.

You just saved me hours of research. Also i cant find any “back” button. Sign up using Email and Password. Thanks for your help!

Switch to Hybrid Mode. I recently stumbled upon this when I was trying to find out the answer to a similar question using my Logitech diNovo Mini Bluetooth dongle. How to convert my wireless keyboard Bluetooth dongle as universal bluetooth dongle?


Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. Save the above to a file named. Let me know if anyone else has been using the diNovo and has discovered any other key combinations that I have not listed above.

Windos 9, 3 29 Did you use the bluetooth dongle to connect? Sign up or log in Sign up bluetioth Google. You will be prompted to enter a number dongoe once it connects.

The blue alt-keys Music, Browser, Power are not mapped to anything useful in MythTV, this is left as an exercise for the reader! If your receiver, however, has the blue bluetooth logo on bluetloth, it should already be available within Windows as a generic Bluetooth adapter.

Logitech diNovo Mini

Just make sure you have the button switched from arrow mode to mouse mode. This is a service that supposedly does the exact same thing as LHid2Hci, but as a service instead of dinovp startup program.

I really love the mouse pad.

Xmodmap or anything else, it doesn’t matter. Has anyone gotten this to work? As far as I djnovo, vast majority of wireless keyboards and mice uses non-bluetooth vendor specific, I think protocols to communicate with their dongles. According to the Ubuntu 8. Post as a guest Name.


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Logitech USB Bluetooth Receiver Dongle for diNovo Edge | eBay

The really good thing is that it’s so small and ergonomic! The first, which is the one I dlnovo, is found here. The NP stock remote is quite limited and noisy at night for my taste and I was already thinking about a fire tv remote instead. Thank you very much for this information. Should’ve bought the bluetooth version.

WORKING: Logitech diNovo Mini 🙂 | Nexus Player

It is possible in general, although a Bluetooth dongle may support only a subset of Bluetooth profiles. The crux of the changes as far as the author can tell is that now the keyboard mapping is decided by XWindows on the fly, maybe with the Hardware Abstraction Layer HAL putting it’s 2-cents worth in. Tecknight’s Aristo 2 Tutorials.