The two biggest issues I ran into using the instructions from Willie Howe as the base for my effort as stated earlier are listed below:. Is there any sort of prerequisit that needs to be performed on the keystore that will allow it to be written to? But the different CAs issue the certs in different ways. I followed the directions in the link above pretty much to a T. This worked perfectly for me thanks for sharing.

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Once this is done cer could browse to https: I know you can add repositories and do apt-get, so read that I understand that before commenting to tell me that. But in basic terms, the script:. It loads the kernel driver at boot, I changed the setting using: I am still having the same issues with this module. If the certificate is new, it will get automatically imported into the UniFi Controller.

Then I had to wait about minutes until the site came back up, but I’m in the green now. We not only promote Australian blues to radio but also we sell BAR cds from our site also.


Ubiquiti UniFi Common Controller and NVR/airVision SSL Certificate

The distribution of Linux that I am using is Ubuntu I would highly recommend Matt and his team at Spider Web Solutions to anyone looking at forming a new website. Tried some other things and at one point I had the server say that it installed it sucessfully but what it really did was just break the site altogether because of incorrect ssl configuration.

The script is heavily commented, so you can read through it to see exactly what it does. I’m at the point know where I’m thinking about killing the image in azure and taking a do over. This stops the never ending loop of retries to communicate with the Wifi module, I still cannot use the Wifi module, for example: Replied Mar 102: Ah, you can use openssl to convert between them if needed.

OK, first off I would like to thank everyone for the assist. Quick Google and found it at: Why am I missing this?

Ubiquiti UniFi Common Controller and NVR/airVision SSL Certificate – SpiderWeb Solutions

This seems power supply error. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this issue by either:.

Last Drivers  DSM 516 PF DRIVER

unif Replied Mar 082: You can get a CSR I used ssls. I manage a swimming pool shop in Perth and am fortunate to have known Matt many years prior to him starting his web design business.

Replied Mar 107: Will give it a shot. I’m on digitalocean fwiw.

There are two intermediate certificates belong to Amazon Amazon Root CA 1 and Amazonand the client certificate ,inux always only one belongs to ubnt. All certificate authorities are required to make their certificates publicly available, so no matter which signing authority you use, their CA files are easy to find with a web search.

Replied Feb 275: On your server, do:.

Wi-Fi Wireless Forum

Company Name, your city, etc. I would like to make sure that this is not a hardware issue, can you test with an older linux kernel and older WF drivers which you go working previously? We have a green lock! Please restart the UniFi Controller.