I tried connecting an additional sata drive to sata1, but the MBFastBuild utility still only saw the original 3 drives, so that did me no good. Upon reboot the Promise raid bios correctly identified the disk. All times are GMT Basically my main questions now are Joined Dec Age 70 Posts 64,

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Asus A8V deluxe Promise controller. When powering up, and the bios detects first the boot drive and then the data drive promiee calls them VIA’s.

[SOLVED] Sata Raid configuration on Asus A8V deluxe

Problem is you would have to stripe to run single drive raid. Joined Dec Age 70 Posts 64, Please report if possible how it worked for you One drive I boot from, the other is just for data. If the bios sees the drive but windows does not, that normally indicates the drive has not been partitioned and formatted. I’ve tried using the promise ports in a non-RAID configuration and never got it to work.

The time now is It will serve your purpose well enough, provided you understand that the risk of data loss with such a mismatched array will likely be higher than if the two drives were matched.

Results 1 to 15 of I wonder if someone can help me please. Turn off that fasttrack controller by disabling it and see what happens.


The next recognition screen where my new drive is being proise, the top of the screen shows: On page Xi they state in the Storage section: I had been using the wrong driver all along and there was no possible way to get it to work! Could it be this drive is formatted as a dynamic drive and not a basic drive.

Asus A8V deluxe Promise controller I believe your procedure is correct, so the problem is probably that the driver loaded at the F6 prompt is causing it, or that the BIOS, for some reason, isn’t allowing the promise controller as a boot device. I recently upgraded the cpu on 8av system from a Winchester to a San Diego E4.

Anyway I hope this will help you somewhat.

Promise Fastrack 378 SATA controller, Asus A8V Deluxe and Windows 7

I tried a manual install of the fastrack driver but although listed in the ‘device manager’, there was an exclamation mark next to it and when I tried to set the bios to boot in raid mode, prior to xp booting there was a blue screen saying ‘xp had stopped the process due to an error’ My problem is that I cannot seem to be able to properly install the Promise Fastrack drivers so that I can switch to raid mode in the bios.

After I flashed the bios from And it comes from THIS webpage! Everything seemed to be ok apart from the memory dividers not working correctly.


promies Another prerequisite will be identical sizes of HDD’s so if the drives are recognised under ‘View Drive Assignments’ but you cannot build the Array s as wished then this will very likely be the reason. Joined Nov Posts 8, Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. So basically the 4 HDD’s should be connected to the Fasttrak controller! All times are GMT Users have alternatively run HDD on the Promise controller in raid mode as single disks being separate and independant.

I’m not sure if I’m lacking yet another needed harddrive xontroller accomplish this, or if I just plugged things into wrong slots.

Promise Fastrack SATA controller, Asus A8V Deluxe and Windows 7 – Microsoft Community

After you flashed, did you check that the bios was set the same Here is a free trial program that might assist you: Originally Posted by tuskenraider. Format it and normally things should work.

Here is what I assume but it’s merely an assumption because I did NOT try it out and thus it’s mainly based on theoretical level, knowing that in IT matters there is only one truth: