Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. That will tell you some thing. What happens when I change grand piano to my drum track? The transcription program seems to allow me to change instruments and allows me to assign drum kits to any track. Sometimes I run it standalone and sometimes thru Cubase. You can select Yamaha as the manufacturer. Hi Motif8mine, First off, thanks for the quick and thorough reply.

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At that point you should stop calling it an arpeggio. That not only sounds confusing, it is confusing. I thought maybe there is something wrong with my MIDI send setup?

Firmware and Software – Yamaha – Africa / Asia / CIS / Latin America / Middle East / Oceania

I trying to figure out if the Motif arpeggiator could be sending any additional MIDI data thru the USB other than what I recorded on the one track that I set up to send to an external tone generator. Double-click the first device.

When notes are playing meaning MIDI data is sent to the VSt green dots appear and follow the corresponding notes played. I get rid of these held notes, by simply tapping the corresponding keys. Or are these Twiddly Bit SMF set up as linear pattern ed8 or songs with the upfront track data to assign different instrument banks?

Firmware and Software

If you are playing the data back to the Motif ES, it will trigger the correct sounds, you need only recall the Pattern Mixing Setup you were using. The correspond to e8s ES Midi channels ….


Bad Mister, Thank you so much for taking so much time mainly just to decipher my inept writing After reading your latest reply, I think there is no arpeggio involved here. Anything else you could suggest for me to check on the Motif side?

But these ghost notes could be the result of bad routing. That’s what I meant ds8 I said it happens through the sequencer. I normally see no dots until I play; however, when notes hang I see green dots even though nothing is being played.

Maybe then it does not follow the strict GM protocol I think I need to perform a little more detective work to more precisely determine exactly what are the setting on Motif and VST when I get the held notes, then experiment a bit. It is at the root of your confusion – or at least I think it is. Then see if their is a way to continue using the Morif sounds to playback the data.

Converting Motif ES songs and patterns to exportable MIDI files

I’m mici that is all clear to you, but I’m having a difficult time following what you wrote. Sorry that the best I can offer. And since the ES has multiple channels of data this might be the cause. Ive read this sentence ten times and don’t know what you are trying to tell me.

I am careful to ONLY configure my tracks to only send the one channel of notes out track These are notes I see on the VST display but don’t hear until I es88 play something new on the Motif on the track sent the the external tone generator. If a Pattern set the Pattern number and the Section letter you wish to export.


Sometimes I run it standalone and sometimes thru Cubase. Mmidi cleared up that its only note on events and controllers which I guess applies the same to any instrument on any MIDI channel?.

Apply the changes and close …. I would like to create and use MIDI files for my transcription. You mentioned it might be some sort of echo but the held notes are different the the notes I played and sent All I am doing is recording notes in the Motif sequencer then I press play to hear the sequencer play back the notes I recorded. So now I got my SMF file to export but when I uploaded it into my transcription software, it read and played all 8 tracks using the same grand piano voice instead of the drum, piano, guitar voices I mixed into the various tracks of my pattern That will tell you some thing.

Here are the instructions I am trying to follow: When running the VST standalone?