The menu at the top showed that Mac OS Reinstalling the SI driver is an old tip that worked in the past, but not had any reports on that later than OS X Mavericks. Checked both the MD5’s and they also came back the same. I’m surprised that old driver still works at all in Sierra. I never owned one of these cards and didn’t know if they were even firmware upgradeable. I asked for more details just for the record including driver version and ext.

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Installed using Combo update, permissions repair, etc. I added links to the delta and combo Posted on Jan 20, 8: But for for the early 17″ MBP it really completes the abilities of that model nicely. And with both cards I saw the same problem the Unibody MBP owners reported in the past – both reported the infamous Code12 error not usable. The support of Silicon Image gives no detail about it. The Velociraptor is by no means a “standard” 2.

E-sata Usb 3 Card For Mac Рcostlitlesite’s blog

As soon as I unplug the card, all of my problems magically disappear. Just came across your article. So I powered off the OWC card and hooked my external drive up using usb2 like before and started re-downloading the same files that gave me crc errors and msrax do you know, all the files where good. Also, if I let the drive spin down I’m in the same boat.


I installed the Sonnet Tempo 1. Either one of these components could throw a “monkey-wrench” into the works, unless they absolutely adhere to all industry standards as far as transport protocols. When being booted up on And there’s other warnings before upgrading to OS X If I had the card merzx and then power up the enclosure, I would get a kernel panic. Whether or not your external will is a different story.

These drives include, but are not limited to: The chip in this card is not the problematic Sil chipset. Then, if I power down the card, pull it out, and re-insert it, it will work without any trouble at all.

VelociRaptor ‘External’ HD

fsata I asked for a download page URL, as it’s not listed on their driver downloads page for the SiL Here is the link to the download page for the firmware. Aside from just mounting the. Lastly, after repeated copies back and forth of large.

I have done the same kinds of conversions in the past with no problems. This past weekend he wrote they have posted a firmware update on a different page no updaters for Mac OS listed there that I see though: The cheaper ExpressCards may be built for even less throughput.

Last Drivers  5380K USB DRIVER

I think this is a Lion specific development that Apple instituted via I believe that two things contribute to this “problem”. I started thinking what might cause the crc errors and then it hit me. It seems that this particular card only has problems when there is 4gb of ram present as I had no problems until the upgrade. The place where Velociraptors really shine is in access times, and that’ll be wasted away sitting inside of an external box.

For me, it worked out of the box, without needing any drivers with I do esatz how the RAID driver set on that page fares – the card is after all supposed to support at least mirroring, so that could be something too. The Voyager mrrax hot-swap capability, but this is not available when using esataa eSATA interface — the Mac must be powered off before adding or removing a drive.

Hopefully another SI Xpress card owner will have: