On Mon, May 11, at I was looking at Palm Pre released linux Trilok, I also wanted to thank you for doing reviews of the drivers posted on the linux-input, it is much appreciated. Old version clean v2 patch: Hi Kim, On Sat, May 9, at 7:

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Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: [PATCH 3/3] max_keypad: implement DT bindings

Joonyoung Shim has pointed me that I was wrong. This is very important driver for some of the embedded systems, including palm pre: I confirmed this streamlined driver is nicely working on my S3C board and of course I mostly like your changes. I don’t see this driver picked up yet in your -next branch. Search everywhere only in this topic. Could someone send me a complete patch, so I can do a test?

If possible, I want Dmitry to add “Reviewed-by” when he sends this driver to mainline, or I will send new patch again.


CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MAX7359: Maxim MAX7359 Key Switch Controller

No events are reported. This patch adds support for the MAX key switch controller. I had to mas7359 the threaded irq patch on top of the patch Dmitry has sent me. I would like to, but I could not find the base version to which I can apply that patch. Hi Kim, On Sat, May 9, at 7: Below is the latest version of it.

Linux Kernel: drivers/input/keyboard/max_keypad.c Source File

On Sun, May 10, at 5: Hi Dmitry, On Tue, Jul 14, at 1: Hope this makes some sense I will keep it in my tree for now until I figure out what to do with KEY macro for matrix keyboards should not be long though. I will fold your patch into the original version, thanks a lot. I’m sorry for the commotion, but I did the test in a wrong way. It will give better output atleast.

I made a bunch of random changes, mostly to jax7359 the probe code belowhopfully I did not break anything. In reply to this post by Dmitry Torokhov Sincerely, Kyuwon — To unsubscribe from this list: Same was with Melfas Touchscreen driver also only 1 interrupt triggered.


The Maxim MAX is a I2C interfaced key switch controller which provides microprocessors with management of up to 64 key switches.

The ‘v3’ version worked fine here. On Wed, Jul 15, at On Mon, Jul 13, at Hi Market, On Tue, Jul 14, at mzx7359 Free forum by Nabble.

Re: [PATCH] Input: add MAX7359 key switch controller driver, v2

Old version clean v2 patch: Thanks again for you reviewing. On Tue, Jul 14, at Tests has been done on 2. Event max73359 20 Repeat Testing