Set to 1 if card has a TV tuner Just to clarify the way the videoMux keys work: There must be 4 bytes. You can also output other resolutions if you want p, p, etc. If you force the detection of one of this chips, you must use the associated key to give the I2C address of it. Has anyone been able to get any bt based video capture cards working in Windows 10 x64?

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If set to 0, that chip wont be detected at all, and if you set it to 0xFF, then autodetection will be enabled same as if the key is not present Vist Also see the file Cards included in the package to help identify yours. Has anyone been able to get any bt based video capture cards working in Windows 10 x64?

bt878 video capture in Win 10 x64?

Probably, the Configuration Manager will say that this driver is not exactly made for your hardware, and that the driver is not certified by microsoft. A similar concept is used for SVideo.

Set to 1 if card has a TV tuner Just to clarify the way the videoMux keys work: They degrade performance, so must be used only if experiencing trouble as lockups.


If present, but chip is not forced, will force the I2C address if chip is autodetected.

bt video capture in Win 10 x64? – Windows 10 Forums

Here there are step-by-step instructions on how to do this I can’t think of a solution for you, as to just go ahead and put a new HDD in your main desktop and boot from it running Windows XP.

Windows cut support at Windows Vista.

In all honesty, it’s a nightmare and a big problem. You can download the Vista 64bit driver here: And DScaler [program which can capture images from source] has some cool features and games looks less pixelated, smoothed or even better colored. First, we need to download few files: Can’t help you there I’m sorry. Only required if you force them.

New 23 Dec 2. New 26 Dec 5. Allow it to continue. All the following keys must be added after the line: New Product View Product Index.

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The above keys are overrides for the autodetected frequency values of the reference crystals that are connected to the Bt8xx hardware. Run it in compatibility mode for Vista. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Vt878khf 03 Jan 6. Nowadays the driver is supporting a lot of keys registry keys that are not required by normal users so the.


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Each of this keys force if set to 1 to detect the associated audio chip. Screen video bt8788khf for windows 10 in Software and Apps. If present, forces the I2C address of the TV tuner module to the one given, instead of autodetecting it. New 26 Dec 4.

I’ve seen a bit “port” or whatever of BTWincap, an open source driver for Bt8xx-based capture cards, somewhere that’s supposed to visra on bit Windows Vista and 7. Fine card, but runs only under WinXP. The user of this software, assumes full responsbility ensuring its use in accordance with local and federal laws. I have no idea.

In such a case the driver can autodetect the tuner, But, the driver will always use the user supplied tuner type if not set to autodetection. Steps to generate the right Bt