This board could be just right for your next desktop machine. But they’re more expensive. An illuminated toggle switch with “Better luck on the next overclocking attempt! There are two ports built into the normal ATX connector block on the back of the board, but this board, like most others these days, can give you two more if you’ve got the right gadget. Iwill know what an anode and a cathode are, and expect you to know as well. This latter option’s definitely not preferable.

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Motherboard Watch: Iwill KK266Plus-R, Plus

If RAM flavour considerations aren’t first on your list of selection priorities, then both of these boards are great. I’ve no idea whether it’ll actually work better; I doubt it, to be honest, because all motherboard CPU thermal sensors I’ve kk2666plus are useful only for vague comparative readings.

It’s just not usually good for anything much. It’s very unlikely to cause compatibility problems, at least. Conclusions iwull the KKPlus.

Full feature set including built-in 5.

And, as this Anandtech piece mk266plus, you can also get around the problem by lowering your CPU’s apparent default multiplier. Give Dan some money! Each connector pair has one input and one output. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Overclocking Performance-wise, all KTA boards are pretty much precisely the same, provided they can get their CPU and other components up to the kkk266plus speed. Crippled RAID controller; ordinary onboard audio.

Last Drivers  LINE W310 DRIVER

Isill the Iwill board also came with this fancier active cooler in the box. You’d get the same core speed by using 12XMHz. I’ve seen motherboards that come with some or all! You can move a couple of jumpers to select which “side” each output’s on.

For mainstream users, both of these boards have more features than you need, but they’re not terribly expensive, so who cares? If beeps do matter to you, by the way, the K7T Turbo-R LE has a little built-in speaker as well, which doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the manual.

Review: Iwill KKPlus-R and MSI K7T Turbo-R Limited Edition Socket A motherboards.

It’s a popular family; some KT variant powers most of the Socket A Athlon or Duron motherboards in the world today. Both of them also let you tweak these settings in software, using the BIOS setup program.

Practically identical, in fact, except for plain vanilla built-in sound, kk266pluus the addition of an interesting USB networking option.

A feature that’ll matter more to overclockers is that neither of these motherboards have completely software-based CPU speed configuration. For overclockers, they’re both great.

Good luck installing a card in every PCI slot and ending up with them all playing together, but at least you can try. Instead, you get a weird-looking USB whatsit whose back panel bracket has one type A USB socket the rectangular ones and one type B socket the squarer varietywith cables coming from each socket that terminate in the same sort of plug that normal extra-port boards use.

IWill KK266Plus-R Motherboard Review

Take the last slot on the K7T Turbo-R, for instance. Lots of motherboards have some kind of other slot at the end of their Iwkll collection, though.


This funny looking thing gives you one normal extra USB port – that’s what the A socket is for. At the end of these modern slots, though, there’s a throwback to days of yore – an ISA slot, sharing a back panel connector with PCI slot number 6.

IWill KKPlus-R Motherboard Review

For more demanding purposes, though, these boards both get the Recommended stamp from me! You still need to refer to the motherboard documentation to find out what the codes mean, mind you, and they’re iwlil use to you when the lid’s on the computer case. For most people’s purposes, these two motherboards have identical IDE-drive-connecting capabilities – but they are actually different. Iwill What it costs: There are two ports built into the normal ATX connector block on the back of the board, but this board, like most others these days, can give you two more if you’ve got the right gadget.

But this is still iwwill FSB overclocking; you can do a lot better by unlocking your CPU multiplier and doing it properly.