Transferring the garment pattern information is my main concern though. I appreciate your feedback. If you are an illustrator and likes to draw with very long strokes, a larger drawing area may be necessary. My screen is 15″ 1. You can buy it with confidence and I’m sure you’ll love it. It is possible to get used to this difference, of course, but it’ll sure feel a bit different, specially if you do much freehand drawing.

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I had also emailed Wacom too to ask them and forgot to ask profesxional else. I am going to buy the INTUOS 5 but I am still unsure about which size to get, I would be using it with a 13″ Macbook Pro Early and so from your info graphic above, am I right in assuming that the small size would be the most appropriate?

It sure is marketing talk, but the video might help you to see how those pen displays work in action. In my opinion, the price difference is well worth hablet. They are also used for recording of the pen in handwriting movement analysis.

I can afford to buy the best intuow4 this range, but I don’t to spend too much illogically. But the model seems to have PE 6, which can leave you with heartburn when compared to PE 9.

I bought my first Wacom Graphire 4″ x 5″ model, circaafter suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for a good time. I am in a similar situation to StephenB where I want a buy a tablet, but I only want one to suit my purposes and don’t want or need to upgrade funnily enough I too draw in pencil, ink, erase lines and then scan.


I know how horribly late this is, but it’s the holiday season again and wanted to add my input.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

However, the wacom site and google did not really help. I’m sure you won’t be missing much by buying the Create. It is also useful if you need to trace large artwork or sketches directly on the tablet surface.

I use photoshop, illustrator, after effects, toonboom and I am planning to do a lot of animations. Another suggestion is to make sure the tablet is connected directly to the computer USB port, without any hub or USB extension, since this might impact the USB transfer rate. I think the medium sized Intuos5 is the right pen tablet for you.

SAI is much more popular, but does not work on macs. Maybe the Intuos Small is better after all? Otherwise the medium model is more adequate and, in my opinion, also more comfortable to use.

It’s more natural and productive. Thank you for the response, Fabio.

Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet – Medium

I’m a traditional artist trying hard to transition to digital, but I really don’t have the money to try something and then upgrade, which is why I want something that is suitable for what I want it to do cartoons, sketches, editing stop motion animation professiojal, etc.

The Intuos would work fine, but you might want to configure one of the ExpressKeys to switch between the two screens. As those devices come down in price, creative professionals may be tempted to migrate from a traditional pen tablet Intuos or pen display Cintiq Pro to a full blown tablet professoinal integrates pen, display and computer in a single device.


Please not that this only applies if you’re extending the desktop are to both screens.

Hello, I just want to ask for an advice in buying my first tablet. I’m still on my first one and it’s barely worn. Some examples of those apps here and herefor Windows, and here for Mac.

Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet – Medium

I know the Bamboo Fun does well in one of their videos it was mentionedbut there isn’t a whole lot of info on specs like that. I’m totally happy with the size of the tablet on a 27 inches screen.

Intuos4 Small costs the same as Create. I will be using it for all sorts of things, but mainly for designing large posters to print, t-shirt design and drawing for fun. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

They offer less pressure levels and no customizable buttons. If you have to carry the tablet with you, wireless comes in handy and saves you from wearing the USB connector. Immediately after profwssional I opened the package to see the version of software and voila, it has Adobe PE9 can’t expect 10 as its Adobe exclusive as yet. On the other hand, since you’re using a laptop, it is much easier to carry around than the medium one.