Sign up for an Oracle Account. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Now, we’ll take a look at the database management functions, which are most interesting when talking about application deployment. Note that if the column used does not have a unique index on it, later values will overwrite earlier ones. MDB2 is currently rated “beta” quality; it has a well-tested and stable code basis, but its API may change over time. For example, the queryAll method queries the database using your SQL statement and returns all retrieved results in an array, indexed by numbers.

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Next, the necessary files the MDB2 base file and our init. So, let’s define a unique index as our primary key.

Before starting with MDB2, you have to take a little closer look at PEAR, since it not only provides the specified packages but a unique installation infrastructure to manage them, as well. Sign Up—Free Trial Sign in. After the successful installation of these packages, we can go on, but before we do, let me introduce the concept of a kdb2 abstraction layer in general.

You should now have good working knowledge of MDB2.


Install PEAR and MDB2 in Ubuntu / Mint – Imran’s Book

The second parameter is meant to be a backup file, where the most recent database schema is stored. These indexes act more or less exactly like istall keys, if their field value is explicitly set to “not null”.

Inwtall can learn more details through the individual package Web sites; for example, for the Oracle driver, pear. Temporary directory for downloads: After that, the two limitation parameters follow. Here is an example to install PEAR in a wamp server: Starting to download MDB The manager is a MDB2 module similar to the “Extended” one we used in the second example, with the difference being that it does not enhance the facilities of the database driver we currently use, but rather creates a new object, the manager line If you want to try out these scripts, this is the part you will have to customize according to your environment.

Package: php-mdb2-driver-mysql (1.5.0b4-2)

So let’s take a look at the necessary PHP code and what we can do with a schema. The first one indicates the number of records to fetch, and the second one gives the offset number to start the fetch from.

You should have it, unless you deactivated it. Name of configuration file: I have not included any file name MDB2.

We’ll see this kind of error handling in later examples as well. In other cases, a feature is implemented in one database, but not available in another.


How to Install PEAR in a WAMP

Your email address will not be published. PEAR will modify the intepreter php. But for a wamp server, the effective one is in C: You will have to create the table defined there in order to try out the example. Home Skip to Content Skip to Search. Create a directory to serve PEAR.

PHP: PEAR MDB2 · Martin Thoma

No releases available for package “pear. All examples will show the use of MDB2 in conjunction with Oracle; however, because MDB2 is an abstraction layer, its use with other relational database systems is very similar. But at line 26, we load some more advanced functionality into our database driver. All examples are available in the sample code download.

How to solve this? The PEAR Installer provides the command pear install for that, which has to be followed simply by a package name. Send us your comments.