Alligator clip probe and supplied BNC connector — click on the image for a larger photo. I bought my first scope last year. I am a self taught home hack who only repairs his and relatives cars. The battery life between charges was never as good as expected and after a years use it has died completely. Like most Chinese made scopes I have used the Windows software leaves a lot to be desired it is tedious to use but it has a menu that offers pre-sets for most automotive tests and Y scale settings for most automotive probes. I believe Paul’s firmware was the base on which the AesWave uScope firmware was built. For the uneducated like myself, trying to work out exactly which model I need is almost impossible.

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Not sure what issues would exist with firmware updates cost, availability or with content updates again cost and if it is even supported still? Fortunately, I have a lot of other scope probes in the lab already, so I can make full use of the eight hnatek immediately! You will spend way more than that on the probes, leads, and accessories that are need to make the scope useful. A quirk of ahntek software is by default it installs in the Cantonese Chinese language, this can be fixed by simply deleting the Chinese language files after which it defaults to US English.

One of the problems with recommending a scope is that shipping, customs duties and local taxes can make a huge difference in cost between continents. Otherwise I am lost Hantek b or c The Hantek C is remarkably cheap it comes bundled with a few handy leads and a DIS ignition probe.

I googled to see if there was any Linux support for the Hantek B. Despite the fact that it cost me twice the price of a Uscope, it easily cost justified itself during this swap.


Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

If your personal budget is such that a Vantage Pro is something you can consider, I say go for it! However, it became apparent that AES had no plans for a two channel version. The fact is, the hntek of the scope itself will never in my lifetime be obsolete.

Just a thought on a different path When I bought the scope I was offered a hantke deal on the battery and bag bundle and I suspect the seller was off-loading a suspect load of batteries. Same here but I watched Pauls, and every other one I could find, before I even bought the tool since that was how I made my final decision to buy it.

I believe Paul’s firmware was the base on which the AesWave uScope firmware was built.

Hantek 1008b 8ch 2.4msa/s Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope Generator V7x4

I love 1008g look of the Picoscope and it appears to be great quality the great man himself uses one but as I say even the unit itself with no leads is over my price range. Actually I’m very interested to know about pressure tester please let me know if you post it.

The following user s said Thank You: Yes I know this is a pitifully low figure but wife and kids come first before my play toys! Thanks for the write up, nice job! Index Recent Topics Search. But they can still be used if you choose to upgrade to a better scope in the future.

I did find a tear down including some technical information about the C there:. However, unless I have a scope I feel that his teachings cannot be fully put into practice. Home Buy The Book!

Secondly, and most relevant to this thread, is the fact that it is a 2 channel scope! Two more BNC connectors, signal generator output, USB and optional power connectors on the back — click on the image for a larger photo The Hantek B I received came with four alligator clip test probes, and four BNC connectors for you to make your own custom probes.


Here is the initial display, with all eight channels active, displaying the 1kHz 2v p-p test signal supplied by the scope. The Hantek is the cheapest of the cheap and quality is very “iffy”, but if you stick to using only 1 or 2 channels the hardware is good enough for decent captures but like most Chineses scopes the software interface is awful but has the saving graces of pre-configured automotive tests which by-pass a lot of the chore of setting up using the interface and make it a lot easier for the beginner.

The advantage of the picoscope is the software, it uses the same software for all their scopes, from this usd to the several thousand dollars versions. I bought the uScope master kit: I recommend you guys check out the Vantage Pro training series on ScannerDanner Premium if you haven’t already.

Car diagnostic system – Hantek B

Sometimes turning a channel on or off would not update the checkmark, however the selected channel would appear or disappear as 11008b in the main window. I bought my first scope last year. As far as I can tell this is both a scope AND a scanner. 10088b modern oscilloscopes use some form of computer to process the signal you see on the screen, the processor can be built into the unit as on the AESwave Uscope or done by software loaded on to a notebook or desktop computer as on the Pico scopes.