I have seen numerous Fujinon lenses from this same time period, and only one a mm F6. Originally, the labeling, including the serial number, was located around an inner ring on the front element. Feel free to contact Fuji U. We give an access to everything buyer need at competitive prices. If you can specifically answer any of these five questions, or if you have anything else pertaining to Fujinon large format lenses that you would like to contribute to this web site, please let me know. The following are excerpts from a major manufacturers:

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As this table grows, hopefully some trends will emerge that will be useful when shopping for used Fujinon large format lenses.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint A, A – CT (end 12/4/ PM)

The is new and I have only exposed a few sheets with it, but the fuju far, I have had great results. Was the mm f6. I own the Fujinon C and C lenses.

In addition to the original Seiko shutters, and the current all black Copal models, Fujinon large format lenses were offered in at least two other styles of Copal shutters. We sell original and recycle remanufactured toner in this store. So, if you are the original purchaser, or have access to the original receipt, please include this information.


Observe the colors of the reflections in the front element group. To do so, hold the lens in question under a bare tungsten light standard household light bulb – other light sources can be used, but the resulting reflections may look a little different due to the color of the light source.

In summary, I recommend buying these lenses.

The mm is conspicuously absent from this statement. The table is far from complete, and is a work in progress. I have one of the little mm f6. If you have any Fujinon large format lenses, and would like to contribute data to this table, please email the information on your lenses see Definitions below for a description of the column headings: Current samples are EBC multicoated and in all black Copal shutters.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A, 340A – CT350268 (10K)

Do you accept cheque payment? Industries Price List dated March 2, Well, now that we’ve got that all cleared up We do, don’t we?

If you are not urgent please remark to us or call us request post parcel by air east malaysia or land west malaysiait is cheaper around half of poslaju rate but take working days. With no alternative in the C line, the mm f5. What happen if the remanufactured toner that I purchased is defective?

The date codes are located in the bottom right hand corners on the rear covers of the brochures. Harder still, is finding information on older, discontinued models that are readily available on the used market.


Copal B 20a this is the current all black style of Copal shutter. This does not appear to be consistent with the literature. Fhji any case, the reflections are all of similar color and pale in nature no bright, vivid eye-popping colors. You can contact our office at and inform us the item you wish to purchase. The N prefix was also somewhat indiscriminately applied.

Thanks, -D Coyote Images. All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia RM. So, what happened to xxx?

If you have any Fujji large format fhji, and would like to contribute data to this table, please email the information on your lenses see Definitions below for a description of the column headings:. If you wish to make payment via cheque, you will have to follow the procedure as below: Please don’t flood my inbox with a bunch of multi-megabyte high resolution scanned files – doing so will tie up my system for days since I’m currently running through a 56K connection.

So, to all you mm f6.