SPECviewperf is also the only “realistic” test which gives an big advantage to the DDRsystem in spite of the asynchronous speeds. I’m gonna hold my breath for that to happen. The integrated trouble-shooting LED is a small bonus which we hope to become standard on motherboards within a close future. The nForce2 chipset has very generous memory settings which enables you to optimize the system very well no matter how good the quality of the memory is. I have th same Motherboard. The biggest problem is however the problem with long AGP-cards and the distance between memory slots which according to some reports can cause physical damage to the video card.

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Read on and we shall see You DO have Soundstorm but in order to use it and Dolbyyou have to buy the.

EPoX EP-8RDA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP Overview – CNET

In Windows Me though in media Palyer cd’s sound fine. One word which is often connected to the nForce chipsets is SoundStorm, which however is a bit of a 8gda concept. If we look at the integrated features the card offers the powerful sound processor is the one to extinguish itself. What other benefits does it have over the nonplus model besides the sound and the firewire?

Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? (and nForce2 questions)

Epox haven’t adopted any flashy colours for their PCB, preferring to keep it simple and stick with green. It doesn’t say whether or not it will be enabled in the future. This can both stop the air flow and be in the way of other things in the case.


It seems as if the nForce2 north bridge SPP varies greatly in quality and unfortunately we had undoubtedly gotten one of lesser quality. Before we end our performance tests we would like to take a closer look at the more advanced 3D-tests in SPECViewperf 7. Does sounf have 6 channel sound?

First of epoox we look at the performance during single channel. Tue Mar 11, Any other games seem to work fine under Me or ,just the Wing Commander games will not see audio. On several motherboards, we have seen the memory slots being placed way to closely to the AGP-port which has made the changing of memory very difficult when a long AGP-card is installed.

The Port80 diagnostics card on the lower right hand corner is an invaluable tool for anyone who likes to tinker with their system.

To lighten up the software epoc you also get two full version titles which are more or less useful. Then it might even be best to change the whole cooler to a more efficient one. Originally posted by draeseke: We have even done a few different tests with memory frequencies on the nForce2 card to further explore the problems with asynchronous memory speeds.

Perhaps this only effects the serious overclockers, but still soynd is worth mentioning. Found 4 files for Windows XP.


This is big mistake by EPoX and we hope that this is only an isolated phenomenon. If you can’t fit everything you want into this motherboard, you won’t be able to with any other board on the market.

We have switched our testing program for MP3-encodning and now use Audioactive Production Studio which is based on the Fraunhofer II-codec, a very sounf codec which after all gives a good result.

As stated before i ahve never had any problems liek sounr on past AMD Athlon systems with onboard audio or with my SoundBlaster. If we had been limited to 1. The same thing goes for DualDDR but here the advantages are even greater with the synchronized speeds.

Ships with the following: During our final overclocking we increased the voltage up to 2. Nov 25, Posts: We took the chance epod run through some performance tests during this overclocking to se how much of an increase we could achieve.

Here the theoretical overclocking potential of the motherboard is valued through the use of practical tests. Do you already have an account?

I want the Thoroughbred core right?