They have this clearly stated on the packaging. Currently there are no plans to make dual sided media, however Changer uses are under consideration However in the real world normally “giga” represents multiples of It shouldn’t surprise you that software and firmware immaturity yielded modest results. Act like your business depends on them Backups:

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Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-R |

Another tidbit, for those who say theirs burns at 2x on everything. But burning a full disc on Pioneer media takes about 30 minutes, and on generic media it takes about an hour. I tried different brands and they all write at 1x speed. I just built out a a NW P4 2ghz pc running Win sp I have a total of 7 a03’s that are in 7 diff systems here, all were baught at seperte times and have varying firmware versions.

I tried the trial of record now max 4 and it starts out listing all generic media tried, ie cd-recordable and dvdpro and purple dvd-r’s at 1. This really is like the early days of CDR.


I dont know why people are having issues with this thing Lamont Cranston on The initial version 1. Wai for pioneer the be nice and fix dv firmware again? Can anybody tell me if this is true and if they are using firmware older than 1.

Pioneer DVR-A03 – Review – PCMag UK

Cyber Monday Newegg: Ugh, this is a nightmare thread X03 may find this of inerest: For example a single layer DVD holds 4. Prices are soon expected to drop, since more and more manufacturers will start producing DVD-R media and drives will become more popular.

It took about 50 minutes.

Haven’t had a reason to try the generics yet. Maybe your DVD writting software also a contributing factor. It only holds 4. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, Bay Required Total Qty.

I agree with Svr Zed. I think that pioneer made the mistake with earlier models of the DVD-r drive reporting the wrong speed So I checked with the guy that sells me the DVD-R’s and he told me that he has the same burner and writes everything at 2 speed with the same brands I use.


I did not try to write on the original disc supplied with the burner, only a test burn on these.

RW Writing Tests Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. How to record anything on your screen using svr Leave this field blank. Or choose door No. Even if I try just one burner, I can not write at anything but 1x.

DVR-103 & DVR-A03

In case you are dreaming more capacity than 4. There are 2 types of DVD-R media: Even nowadays the demand for the DVR-A03 is very high and in some countries you have to wait sometime before you will fvr able to buy it.

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