Nvidia users will have an easier time. So to get the most out of it, you’re gonna want to run it at 75hz, especially for anything competitive. Remember, to be on confirmed, a screen showing a lack of skipped frames is needed. Yes, but you can check the thread and look at what others are doing to reduce the risk. Log in with your username and password. The overHz LCD thread. Try using the other DVI port, revert to your original generic driver first.

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Last edited by romanu; at But I found the “custom resolution” menu, added the settings by ToastyX, which have worked up until this point. Skill Information and Support G.

wa 75hz settings | guru3D Forums

No known x monitors that can do above the 60hz yet is there or a hz coming out? I just followed the directions posted in this thread and it worked.

The tutorial can be found here: Do you know of any x monitors that can be pushed above 60hz? After I setup the advanced screen and click ‘test’ it simply states that the test failed. GroatsDec 5, Thanks for the link! Skill Memory Products G. I only have 2 options in the windows settings 59 and 60Hz, the hide option is greyed out.


Go ahead and download the fix here: Email required Address never made public. Just make sure you uncheck real-time adjustment when you are setting it for the first time, as you may crash it and have to hard-reboot your PC. 75jz, I’m not entirely sure what the issue is. Dec 1, 8.

2209WA 75hz Refresh?

Then proceed with the other settings. Mar 13, It doesn’t seem to support fractional refresh rates so I’m at 76Hz instead of In other news Go 22209wa My only problem is that whenever i start a game it goes back to 60HZ, i created a hotkey so that i can change back to 75hz but some stripes appear on my monitor and it becomes unplayable. Feb 11, at Hmm I know with XP if you go to display properties, then the settings tab then advanced, it opens another window, then you go to the monitor tab and uncheck “hide modes that this monitor cannot display” then go to the dropdown box above it and select 75 Hertz.


Dell WA Refresh Rate | guru3D Forums

I tried refreshlock, refresfroce and dxdiag value thingy. I’ll test some more.

If not, are there any x monitors larger than 24″ that can be pushed above 60hz? Just tried it – it works – easy.

By continuing to del this website, you agree to their use. I tried to create a profile in powerstrip for CS: I cannot get the 75 trick to work after following nd4spdbh’s instructions. Could someone post a screen grab of the correct powerstrip settings? Most of the time it’s not a true 75hz.

The Acer XW is a no-go. In any case, they’ll be added to the confirmed list right off the bat.