Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Expose the new Pool 2 property evictionPolicyClassName to enable more sophisticated eviction strategies to be used. Why does my Liberty Server get an abend RC and fail to start? Thanks to Rob Gansevles. Thanks to Dave Oxley. Default property value is false. Thanks to Jindrich Vimr.

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PStmtKey should make copies of given arrays in constructors. Can any body help. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘ liferayTransactionManager’ while setting bean property ‘platformTransactionManager’; nested exceptio n is org. Renamed variables with duplicate names rbcp different scopes. Ensured that events from closed or invalid connections are ignored and listeners are cleaned up. This provides improved response times when load spikes at the cost of a faster rise in database server load.

Thanks to Dain Sundstrom. Firstly, two DelegatingXxx instances are no longer considered equal if they have the same innermost delegate. Expand the fail-fast for fatal connection errors feature to include managed connections. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘threadLocalCacheAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception is o rg.


Post as a guest Name. This is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and enhancements. Thanks to Eiji Takahashi. PoolGuardConnectionWrapper to ensure it is reflexive, even when wrapped connections are not DelegatingConnections.

Thanks to Jonathan Whitall. You MUST set up the driver, connection string, etc somewhere. At close all idle connections are destroyed and the method returns. Thanks to Steeve Beroard. Made PoolingConnection pool CallableStatements.

java – no suitable driver exception in connection pooling – Stack Overflow

Error creating bean with name ‘com. Thanks to Chris Nappin. People who like this. Thanks to Thomas Fischer. Suiitable synchronization from prepareStatement methods in PoolingConnection. Added a validationQueryTimeout configuration parameter to BasicDataSource allowing the user to specify a timeout value in seconds for connection validation queries.

Invocation of init method failed; nes ted exception is java. The list of changes below since 1.


Thanks to Nicky Nicolson. Thanks to Denixx Baykin. Update Apache Commons Logging to 1. Modified execute methods suitablr Statement objects to ensure that whenever a statement is used, the lastUsed property of its parent connection is updated.


Refactoring to suigable for a future patch to enable pooling of all prepared and callable statements in PoolingConnection. In this case it appears that dbcp has context class classloader responsible to load the JDBC driver class. Make all mutable fields private. Made userKeys an instance variable i.