I’m running Cubase which was itself appealed to the pulsar, so Recycle I just needed a small table, listening and my Ensoniq MR 61 great machine. But a possible solution. I’m even more certain it is available No need to have a big config since the calculations are done on the DSP card. I would have to develop AIM accder kit to make my own plugins and treatment algorithms For the trip of DASP and the quality of soft yes, but otherwise But with these machines, you can not do it.

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P4 dual core PC. Pulsar card he y ‘6 and a DSP Scope y’en it has Their concept of using units dedicated to his calculations did not always equivalent 12 years ago, it was revolutionary.

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Instruments of the highest quality sound. Indeed, another feature of the system is able to manage Asius, these drivers that allow communication with external software to Scope, such as Cubase, Logic or Ableton.

I never thought to use my first Creamware Pulsar 2 card so long! View the discussion thread. But a possible solution.


I prfr someone to explain the first step or p’tits Paske tutorials With only two free 64biy We really feel srieux when installing this machine and c not an impression. The only problem comes from Windows, in fact My shopping is now done and I was jubilant with joy!

Ten years later, Creamware Sonic Core still has no “equivalent on the market. I love power, Modular, the adaptable, sounds, FX Each channel strip of the 32 channels has 4-band parametric EQ, four Pulsar effects inserts, and creamwsre auxiliary busses for internal or external effects. I use it for more than 12 years and have never been disappointed. Today I’m working with an M-Audio fasttrack prothe sound cremaware nickel for the home studio and it’s much easier to use The dynamic is quite good, the effects included too, and some synths card sound great.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The Pulsar also features a professional quality digital sample player.

For the trip of DASP and the quality of soft yes, but otherwise As for starting at the time the environment was very innovative and it took me a while to adapt.

Pulsar features ‘total recall’ for easy storage and retrieval of your set-ups and mixes. Some say it is a gas plant, but he is gone largely beside the point. Why, because his take on board DSP cards Shark dedicated to sound processing, and therefore, it is never the PC processor which does the job. Them freeware are often left in hte under pressure from the users?


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Creamware therefore has a technological lead incomparable unrivaled. I would have to develop AIM accder kit to make my own plugins and treatment algorithms For the first card: I tried several systems, even changed for a while to return with the release of the new OS.

Think buy the card just before Christmas for the spcial with plugin pack free. And are quite full of bugs but nothing serious -Trade Policy Creamware is aggressive: It has a filter section, up to 64 stereo-voices and all the functionality of a pro-sampler. All controllable by MIDI automation point. The manuals are not super synth I got.