Correct Answers – 10 points. Well if you are using the ASIO drivers that Centrance supply then the audio shouldn’t be going anywhere near Windows 10 gain controls. I’m lucky that the ASIO drivers for my Tascam are pretty stellar, except for the occassional hiccup on large tracks which use a lot of VSTi, but that’s ok by me because setting the buffer size to or solves that I usually use for anything ‘live’ like my real instruments. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The Beta Drivers are very solid.

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ASIO currently only supports one single audio interface.

How to get ASIO working in 64bit Win7

However, it could be that that it will only work with the M-audio interface as timing masters – although you could still have it slaving off the RME’s better clock. I’m fairly sure that ASIO doesn’t support multiple interfaces.

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I’m considering deleting it, but I think it would interesting that you included your comments above in your own answer or original question as it helps to understand the problem.


I do get hiccups of 50 ms and have occasional dropouts in the DAW when using heavy plugins. On the 19″ workstation where I have an RME PCI card installed the measured values always stay the same regardless of the changes I make to the control panel in contrast to my mobile setup with the Terratec Firewire Interface.

Will do the audio Set up lesson when time allows.

Since it hasn’t been centrancw yet You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Wed Nov 21, 4: That’s why you have dropouts: I need to get this rig working first.

Compare your measurements of Live 7. The Beta Drivers are very solid.

I vaguely remember some issue I had with v2. Performance hiccups in the order of ms is not normal system behavior. I misread the article. The analog round-trip latency will be displayed at the bottom left of the window. Ecntrance due ccentrance buffer size mS: Once you’ve done that, the Windows Audio controls should be bypassed with only the knobs on your interface setting levels.

Well if you are using the ASIO drivers that Centrance supply then the audio shouldn’t be going anywhere near Windows 10 gain controls.

Downloads-Ilona – CEntrance

Laptop, Dell Vostro 2. Lexicon have never been that great in terms of ASIO drivers in the first place. I personally don’t like it and always advice folks to avoid that regardless of platform. RME interfaces, Lynx, Roland Octa, Metric Halo on Macwhere one common ASIO driver with direct access to hardware is employed and there is some hardware synchronization mechanism provided internal jumper cable, synchronization via common bus like Firewire, mandatory wordclock connection.


Any idea what is going on here?

ASIO drivers for multiple cards?

Follow the steps in the Driver Error Compensation lesson to figure your specific overall latency compensation value out 5. Wed May 13, 3: I’ve given up on trying to cejtrance it work and I will be building a new system soon for my recording rig and use this old system as my stand alone Gigastudio system.

DonM Max Output Level: While OS X does support that feature, asio does not. To make xentrance test consistent, use the Hz sample rate setting.

For medium CPU mode you can add around 2 mS to all results and the 2 mS setting is no longer available. RMEDriver version 3. Please enter a title.