Plus, I really like the looks of this driver! They’re listed as D1 swingweight. I would love to win the driver contest and bag it!!!! The flighted project x 5. I mean, would it kill you to just offer it in 9. I have the J40 now and too be honest there is not enough difference to move from j38’s they are both awesome sets as were the j33’s I had a few years ago, the j36 was a attempt to change the look and they were smaller and less forgiving but put it right with the j38 onwards.

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Well, maybe they will at least hire me then! Chris 7 years ago.

Wanted to get a set of irons that were a bit different. Which is probably very very high.

Bridgestone J38 irons

The J38 line bridgedtone a continuation of the Bridgestone J series, which started with the J33 line, and continued last year with the J36 line. At that time was a 15 handicap with a nice swipey slice. Does exactly what I want it to do when I want to do it.


And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? Mitch Toews 7 years ago. I asked my Pro if it was time to retire it.

Bridgestone J40 Driver – Review

There is nothing that jumps out about this driver but on reflecting on my rounds 3j8 have to admit that it out-performs all other drivers I have used. Bridgestone J40 21 deg Project X 5. Topline of a blade with the forgiveness of Mother Teresa. My 5W good for — and with the new J40, I think I can continue to drop my handicap. Missing off the toe or heel, golfers were still getting high and straight tee shots that brirgestone were just not available to those missing the same way with the previous model.

I have had a taylormade R7 Superquad that I have been meaning to replace for a while, and I am definitely going to consider this as an option.

Great to hear that the new model Is more forgiving. I dialed it down to clubhead spd and HC in my weight class and this driver still had some amazing results. Appearance The clubs have a classic look. John K 7 years ago.

Bridgestone J38 conforming wedge review with pictures – American Golf Blog

Ping G Max 9. On good beidgestone, I barely felt the ball on the clubface silky smooth. Rob Slade 7 years ago. Bridgestone J40 14 deg Project X 5. About Bridgestone J33 Irons Shop the large inventory of golf equipment including Bridgestone golf clubs!


Very thorough and this sounds like a winner. Everything but the balls seem to be very difficult to find though. I would not have looked at Bridgestone nridgestone my next driver but this review as got me looking. This information is used as the foundation for our total subjective score.

Posted 10 May – The final bridgestobe of buying the driver and reshafting with the Romabax produced a total cost that was insane.

That said think of their staff…. I had the 36s and skipped the 38s. Larry 7 years ago. Item has been played for several seasons, and has been heavily used, but not abused. Overall though, these Bridgestones are beautiful.