Be careful with the folding, it’s delicate. Originally Posted by C4RN1. I thought this was all explained in the first post? This steps requires patience: Install the official one from the link below. Hope you understand now!

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Backlit worked before I sent in the computer, now it doesn’t. Share This Page Tweet.

Sir RobinApr 28, Cloudy1 February 1, 5: Do you have any ideas what should I do? It’s working thank you man. You can always downgrade but you can’t use easyflash to do it.

So far, nothing has kebyoard a change in behavior. I gave it a shot, and I am happy! I got exactly the same problem. After you’ve folded the wide cable without it touching any metal, put the keyboard part back onto the other one. This is still helpful in for a laptop. Have you altered anything in your configuration since the RMA?


G74SX Keyboard backlight disabled

Make sure you fold the most wide cable, so it abcklit touch any metal. BurberryJun 29, Results 1 to 10 of The problem has been solved!

Back in early we found that sometimes the keyboard backlight on the G73 would become inoperable due to bacmlit bios flash or driver update. This snapshot will include any Setup changes you’ve made current state of any non-volatile variables.

Uninstall the current ATK, and then reinstall it. I have not dismantled my G74SX, so I do not suspect that any cables have come loose. I’m not exactly sure when it happened. Cant asuss an answer on Google, please help!

Don’t unclip any cables, you won’t need it.

G74SX-bbk8 Keyboard Backlit [solved with ATK]

Just to be clear, azus you saying that 1 the lights worked with your pre-RMA configuratuion, 2 you removed your hard drives prior to the RMA, so Asus couldn’t have altered anything on them, 3 you re-installed your drives when you got the computer back, and 4 the lights have not worked at all since? Turn the laptop upside-down. Here is the story: Gary probably an over-achieving tech from Asus came up with a solution. Have you tried any software fixes? This same code must also be responsible for the ACPI entry, which tells the windows driver how to handle the Fn aus press events.


I was afraid to update bios because I have had 2 computers fail before.

Yes, my password is: Go to the Asus website and look up your computer. Did Windows 10 come pre-installed? I guess the different Time Zones make posting a bit laggy.

Make sure you know what you’re doing. Unscrew every bolt you find.