Humminbird These guys make fish-finders that incorporate GPSes. The product page points at a retail site carrying these because the vendor site is in Japanese only. The author of said tool has been very helpful to me by describing how to do that on the projectpage. Magellan Now owns what used to be the Thales and Asht product lines. Here are some notes on hardware we have tested. Bluetooth operation requires -b option.

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Luckily this device has ‘reset’ function by pressing power button for 10 sec. Some Web sources incorrectly describe it as SiRFbased.

The tn NMEA looks remarkably like older Garmin cruft and may be emulating one, including the split reporting cycle. By default the device does not report 2d fixes; the vendor configuration tool offers checkboxes to enable any combination of none, 2D fixes, 3D fixes, gs both.

Looks like they made that happen at the expense of sensitivity and timeliness of fixes.

R4 Series GPS Receiver Module

Sebastian Niehaus says it annunces “Software Version 3. Reported by Pascal F. The 17N has been discontinued and replaced by the 17HVS. I first tried gpsd package from Ubuntu 9.


There are other proprietary commands.

Reported by Reported by Ron Marosko, Jr. The u-blox eval kit for the LEA-6H. Reported by sk1ppy14 yahoo. Before it can be used with gpsd, the mouse functionality has to be switched on. Requires the “-b” flag to antwris mode switching. The ability for users to postprocess these measurements is then a function of firmware and protocol support.

It is likely that later releases will support the receiver, especially if there is a in this column; this means we have a regression test load for the device that is checked before each release. Included with the horrible Windows navigation software from Rand McNally.

Compatible GPSes

Pilotplugs are RS, 8N1. Has anntaris binary protcol documetened at http: See David Taylor’s page: This is an OEM module but it is available in small quantities.

Moreover, its small size makes LEA-4A modules perfectly suited for compact, battery-operated, mass market consumer products such as PDAs, smart phones, GPS mice and other portable devices where size, power consumption levels and cost are of critical importance.

Conrad offers its products and gsp by catalogue, through 29 retail stores in Europe and also on the Internet. I use this GPS as a time source.

Last Drivers  CANON FB 320P DRIVER

Acceptably functional running firmware ES. The pin, ball grid array single chip has an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Built-in antenna with conenctor for external antenna. Works out of the box. See this bug warning for a description of the problem.

In the PPS column of the table table, if just one number is given it is the manufacturer’s claimed timing accuracy. Programs only seem to be able to communicate with the dongle at baud rates, though this is autodetected by gpsd with no problems. This device was supported by GPSD up to release 2.

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

It is possible that only GR supports Bluetooth. This is the u-blox eval kit for the LEA-6H. The interface was RS but used a custom RJ jack.