Crap, I’ll play with it some more than. Don’t call people names or make personal attacks. Links to, or requests, for ROMs, and posts explicitly promoting piracy, aren’t allowed. So if anyone could update the link again that would be awesome. Your email address will not be published. Can that be fixed please? Correction, meant to say EAXUnified.

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Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I was wondering about the limited RAM cache issue. I followed your instructions to the letter, yet when I edit the cfg for resolution and windowed mode, it does absolutely nothing.

Custom graphics driver for FF7/FF8 [vb]

Custoom use CFF explorer to enable an exe to use more memory. Have you experimented to make the cache bigger? Kompass63 on Hmm not really Sephrax, I don’t know about steam version, but on original pc version you can easily use third party gfx plugin to play it on hi-res and it gets way better then psx version or emulated psx hi-res. The specifics of exactly where custo, cache resides is technically up to your OpenGL implementation but it’s safe to assume that it does count towards the bit address space limit.

Bootleg: A MOD tool for PC version of Final Fantasy VII | MaxConsole

gaphics To get most of the other mods working I made a clean install and redirected it to the directory defaulted on other versions all the same, sans x86 and in the standard prog files insteadwhich enabled me to get PRP working. Makes you feel like they didn’t give the franchise the merit it deserved.


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cistom Well, I guess I should say that the whole transparency system for the effects doesn’t look right. There’s a few mods that are already compatible with the new driver.


That’s the amount of data rivals even modern games. Here is some video capture: Thanks a lot Aali!

The fmv that plays when Dyne falls seems to be out of sync. Take our Subreddit Survey! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The new Anxious Heart is probably the easiest since it installs itself and has customizable options.

Origins toolset How To: Has anyone else had any luck using 7H with the new driver? On an unrelated note, mapping numpad keys 9 and 3 to the right xali makes running around the worldmap feel like xali modern game! For those that aren’t aware of the Final Fantasy VII and VIII PC modding community, there has been for more than 6 years a graphics driver that replaces the main executable in the game installation folder which removes custo, constraints and allows either game to run at any HD resolution deemed fit.


I think it’s included in bootleg, so if you have a copy of the field textures after an installation that should be fine. If you do not know how to do this, the best way is to play through the first part up until the first save point.

Don’t include major spoilers in a post title. Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder FF7: Links to, or requests, for ROMs, and posts explicitly promoting piracy, aren’t allowed. It’ll work for now until you’re able to dustom an update. Helped me with ulgp gui version when it reached a limit while I was creating a big battle.

Bootleg: A MOD tool for PC version of Final Fantasy VII

The driver significantly improves the core graphics of the game, making it much crisp and high quality. The app log was grapnics long with errors and that was only maybe 10 minutes or so. Build a Terraria house you would actually want to live in How To: On the second start, it is about 15 seconds.