I’ll try it as soon as I get home! Note that some newer cards didn’t have jumper headers soldered or even didn’t have a place for them on the PCB. This isn’t really unexpected behavior. It has to match the Ethernet card, or at least be in the same “family” of chipset that the Ethernet card uses to have a chance. What tools did you use todo such a thing and how do you know which instructions is , do you just keep their equivalent instruction in the head? Ah, good point made about the B suffix is required to get it to work. Holy crap, I just noticed in the pictures

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3Com 3c509

Please test it, you will find the files attached to this post. Those should match in the manufacturer database. Make sure that you do not have Trumpet loaded while you are trying to run any of the mTCP applications.

Sharing is caring ya know. I am a bit excited, I’ve got a box full of these 3CB cards and I’ve been low on 8-bit ethernet cards for a while. Though I know I’m posting on a 3-year old thread that’s bound to be dead at this point.

I have a CT inside now terribly noisy, and as midi device the OPL pretty much sucks at least for me. I have 3co, few machines that need a NIC. A real IRQ allocation test would require hooking up to all hardware interrupts, somehow making the device to generate an interrupt, and checking what interrupt got triggered.

Last Drivers  DMC TZ1 DRIVER

FF does not seem to appear for any card. I’ll try it as soon as I get home! EXE this is a link to it, i could not attach as it would not let me attach a zip larger than 97k here for some reason: Would this be viable to put a AWE32 soundcard in anor does it use the full bit on card for audio?

I guess there is a lot of 3c out there even more then PC-XT’s available so if someone did a port it would be used to get alot of vintage NIC networking, i can see it is not much code but probably alot of knowledge that would have to go into it.

It can be interesting to compare network throughput between two different cards, one with manufacturer’s original packet driver and one with an aftermarket adapted driver. JT64, I can keep an eye open for you on the domestic market as well.

This isn’t really unexpected behavior. Just because you got a MAC address doesn’t mean it worked, or that it is even talking to an Ethernet card.

3Com drivers free download software for all devices

Not exactly cheap but then I am not relying on hacked drivers to make them work. I have just recently tried this out. I should be able to base a config utility for s on this. Everything I’ve come up says Windows 95, 98, 3cmo, and even XP. Behind the 4 pin molex connector on the first picture above, in my original post.


Install newly configured 3CB card into XT-class machine 5.

I did a Google search and found an online store that had a stock of them. I found the config program that works We’ll just need a config utility to go with it for some cases.

With all bits set FF: My configuration settings are as follows: If there was a good supply of cheap 8-bit compatible NICs, no matter which brand, nobody would really have to spend time to modify an existing driver. Make sure you 3coom using a 3Com 3CB card. Ahhh the problems with “hacks” not an unofficial patch. For example, a card that starts with “” belongs to 3Com.

3Com EtherLink III 3c TPO ISA [Archive] – Vintage Computer Forum

If your card has an AUI port on it that looks like a 15 pin D-shell style connector you can use an external “transceiver” to get on a modern, twisted pair network. Some of the b-tpo do not have this extra chip.

Aside from the fact that everybody dox to have a few 3cs hanging around is there some other reason to avoid the 3c? The card gets initialized, but not a single bit is transmitted.