1450 1470N 1.72 DRIVER

Cell width UI – ignored by these printers. Also known as the PCL addressable area. Global Italic Angle SI – specifies the italic angle as a tangent relative to the vertical. Since downloaded fonts are stored in the printer’s RAM they are lost when the printer is switched off, and you must download them again before you can use them 5. In general, monospacing is used with bitmap fonts and proportional spacing is used with scalable fonts. Bits 6 to 5 contain the offset count and bits 4 to contain the ‘replacement count repeat count – 2’.

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Font types 35 5.

Drivers for BrotherĀ® HL-1450 printer

Request a call back Please 1470h up the following details and one of our tech experts will get in touch with you. The value specifies the angle through which the text direction is rotated counterclockwise.

Save macro into the storage device 96 7. Selecting the symbol set 43 5. How to measure printer cartridge page yields? For example, left justification involves aligning the left end of every line of text. If a Brother HL-Series printer encounters a memory low condition, all of the font cache is automatically deleted.


You can specify a gray scale tone from 1 to Compress transfer graphics 86 6. Units You can specify cursor 1470m within the PCL coordinate system using one of three different unit systems. They enable the working of hardware components. Depending 170n the model, you may also see the test pattern for HRC setting. A way of running a macro in which changes to the modified print environment are not retained when the macro has finished running. Use the Set Color to Palette command to set the value.

For the differences between each model, see the Appendix “Model Comparison. Scalable fonts 35 5. Internal fonts The printer comes with some bitmap fonts contained in its ROM and many scalable typefaces which can be used to create scalable fonts.

Brother HL//N Driver Download for Mac

This value should be set to or dpi for special bitmap fonts and is not available for Bitmap fonts and TrueType fonts. You must select 14470n pen before you can draw anything.

Symbol set ID code command 41 5. Status Response 99 8.

Drivers for Brother HL printer

When the installation is complete, reboot your computer. It specifies the location type of the pattern which is selected at present.


If both an even and odd page have been processed 1405 the next odd page has not been processed yet, 140n a dummy white page is attached. A value of places it on the baseline. A value of signifies a medium stroke weight, negative numbers signify thin or light stroke weights and positive numbers signify bold stroke weights. The font data must follow immediately. Text area 22 4.

Execute the NP command. Stroke weight 40 5. Also, the related features are indicated. Perforation skip Permanent font Permanent macro Physical page Picture frame Pitch Plot Plotter units Point Point factor 14450 Point size Polygon Polygon buffer Portrait Posture Primary font A feature whereby the printer automatically compensates for a page break and resumes printing from the top of the text area on the next page.

This function is available only for the Flash ROM card. Font ID 50 5.